Daywear for Dames Sizing

How to measure to order Daywear for Dames clothing

All of our Daywear for Dames clothing pieces are made-to-measure especially for each individual customer. This means that ordering our pieces will be slightly different from ordering standard-sized pieces; and require a little more input from you, the customer.

Depending on the garment, each piece will have different measurement requirements, for example, a dress would typically require: Bust, Waist, Hip, Waist – Desired Hem Length. Whereas trousers would need: Waist, Hip, Upper Hip, Rise, Outside Leg & Inside Leg. We have created an image which hopefully helps you to figure-out whereabouts to measure, which shows most of the more standard measurements.

Daywear for Dames Measurements

We advise to use a standard measuring tape, wearing as little as possible (your underwear/camisole to get accurate measurements). The horizontal lines on the image require you to measure around the body, whereas the vertical lines require just straight line measurements. You should measure tightly, but comfortably (ie – not so tight that you can’t breathe!). Once you have these measurements, write them down and keep them somewhere handy so you can order your Daywear for Dames pieces whenever you like!